Invited talk at IICEHawaii2017

This page is for my talk at IICEHawaii2017: The IAFOR International Conference on Education—Hawaii 2017, held on January 8–10 at Hawaii Convention Center (Honolulu, HI), titled:

Developing and implementing an English for Specific Purposes syllabus for business majors in Japan


English is a compulsory subject in secondary education in Japan, but most students, as well as teachers, do not have a clear goal for learning it because the number of people who actually need English in their lives is rather small. However, there is a certain demand for training of English for Specific Purposes (ESP) in such fields as engineering, medicine, and business, where communication in English is sometimes unavoidable. Such a demand is best accommodated at universities and colleges where the curriculum is set to help students develop skills to work in certain professions. In this talk I will first provide an overview of research and practice in ESP in Japan. I will then share my own experience as a teacher and curriculum developer at my workplace, where students learn English for business purposes.

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